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The Over-Priced Food Presentation Hustle
Issue #409, March 14, 2016


By Robert M. Doroghazi, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Critters and Varmints in your Home and Yard

Issue #473A, June 07, 2017

    This isn’t worthy of a full newsletter, but you are sure to run across these issues sometime, and it could affect your pocketbook, or even your health.
    Last week, for the 3rd time in the 30 years, there was a bat in the house.
    1) Immediately close ALL doors, and as quickly as possible isolate them in one room.
    2) Bats go up high. They will cling to crown moldings, tops of door frames, curtains.
    3) When everything is secure, wait until next morning when they are sleeping, find them and dispatch them.
    4) Every time I’ve had a bat, they got in around the top of the chimney. I’d seen some squirrels around the chimney, and sure enough, they had put a hole in the screen.
    5) Call a pest control company, because if you have a bat in your home, it’s possible they have a colony in your attic. Let them handle that. They will then give you an estimate of $1,000 or more to “bat-proof” your house. That is a complete hustle. Just say “no thanks”. It is impossible to “bat-proof” a house. I’ve read that bats can squeeze through cracks less than ½ inch.
    6) There are devices that plug into light sockets that emit ultra-sonic waves. Put one or several in your attic. They are effective in keeping bats out.
    7) Unfortunately, there is as high as a 5% chance that a bat that gets into your home is rabid. Call animal control, and they will examine the body. This is the scary part: If a bat is in a room with a child or baby who’s not yet old enough to speak or defend themselves, it must be presumed they have been bitten. They will probably require rabies shots.
    Squirrels: they are a royal PIA. It seems they do hundreds of dollars of damage to my roof every year. In my experience, the grey squirrels, although about 1/3 smaller than red (fox) squirrels, are much more aggressive and destructive.
    Varmints in your garden or flower bed. Bunnies don’t eat much, and are easily encouraged not to come back. Groundhogs eat much more, but are easy to trap. It’s the deer that cause the real problem. They eat a lot, easily hundreds of dollars of produce in a good sized garden or orchard, and are nocturnal. Bottom line: if they eat it, you can’t. C’est lui ou moi (French, it’s him or me). After years of Diane urging me, I finally put an electric fence around my garden. Just 2 days later, there were fresh deer feces in my yard, so I know Bambi had been there during the night, and the garden was intact. I hate to sound sadistic, but it made my day.
    Possums must be the dumbest mammal for their size in the US, and don’t do any damage. Neither do raccoons, but beware, because they are smart. You don’t want them hanging around. We had a momma and 4 baby skunks under our front porch shortly after we moved in. We called a private pest control company. Quote of the day: “Lady, we don’t do skunks”. The Conservation Dept. loaned us a Have-a-Heart trap. Bait: cat food. After catching 2 of the babies, momma split with the other two, and we had the hole filled in.
    Feral cats are arguably the most invasive species in the US. They are the #1 killer of birds. Animal control can trap them. 
    The one animal I would not tolerate in my yard is a coyote. They are vicious, cunning, aggressive and big, easily getting to 40 or 50 pounds. They can, and will gladly, take one of your pets.
    If you own land with a lake, beavers can be terribly destructive. The sound of running water turns on their “beaverness” (see below). They want to plug it up, so they can have their pond. The problem is that with all man-made ponds and lakes, there is an over-flow pipe. If it gets plugged up by the beavers, the water could overflow and destroy the dam, costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace it. In Missouri, it is recognized that beavers are so destructive that they can be taken 365 days a year on your land. You can even dynamite their lodge, although a permit is required for the dynamite.
    Here are the 2 points I want to make.
    1) Bambi and Thumper and Rocky and Bullwinkle and all the other animals can do whatever they want in the forest, but they can cause a lot of damage to your home and property and vegetation. Use any lawful means to protect what you have worked so hard for.
    2) Please be careful. Any wild animal that loses its fear of humans could be rabid.
    I have coined the term “beaverness: the act of being and the behavior of a beaver”. A neologism is a new word. As I remember from my psychiatry rotation as a 3td year med student in 1974/5, neologism can be associated with schizophrenia. Mark Twain is noted for neologisms. Hopefully I’m somewhere in between.
    An easy way to make a neologism is to use a noun as a verb. I was a treating physician expert witness for the defense in a medical malpractice case. The plaintiff pointed at the physician she was suing and said “He medical mal-practiced me”. By the way, we won the case. 
    Every year in the first weekend of June Columbia has Art in the Park, where hundreds of artists from the Midwest come to display their work. One was “The Two Belmont Sisters”. RMD: “do you have a brother named Dion?” Young lady: “No”. RMD: “Have you ever heard of Dion and the Belmonts”? Young lady: “No”.
    As we were walking away, I said to Diane “I thought I was being really clever”. Diane “She’s young enough, I doubt if her mother ever heard of Dion and the Belmonts”. Go to YouTube and watch “Dion & The Belmonts I Wonder Why 1958”.   

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