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The Consumer Confidence Index
Issue #451, January 02, 2017


By Robert M. Doroghazi, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Economic Outlook for 2017: Part II of II

Issue #455A, February 02, 2017

    This is from a presentation made recently in Columbia by Scott Colbert and Joe Williams of Commerce Trust in Kansas City (a division of Commerce Bank (CBSH).
    The US 10-year Treasury is currently at about 2.5%. The average in Japan and the large Euro-zone countries is 0.9%.
    RMD comment: Interest rates will eventually rise, and may start to hurt our market later in the year. European rates are so low because Europe is a mess. If Marine Le Pen is elected President of France, they will leave the Euro, which will cause real turmoil.
    From 12/31/12 to 12/31/16, the total return of the S&P 500 was 70.7%. The EAFE (Europe, Australasia and Far East, basically the developed economies besides the US and Canada) returned 16.97%, and Emerging Markets (-) 5%.
    RMD comment: A regression to the mean would suggest it is time to give serious consideration to emerging markets. BUT: the big dog here is the US Dollar. Emerging markets are typically based on exporting commodities and their debt is not priced in local currency, but in US Dollars. They will be crushed by a strong dollar. I believe Trump wants a weaker dollar. A basic problem with investing in foreign markets are currency translations. If their market is up 10% in local terms, but their currency weakens, you are flat or down. Another way to play this game is to invest in natural resource companies based in North America.
    In his note, Scott thought the big themes were:
    1) look somewhere besides the S&P 500 for returns. International looks cheap. Floating rate securities look safe. Preferred stocks have sold off with bonds.
    2) This is the 4th longest economic expansion since 1949. It could conceivably become the longest. However, starting next year, there is a 1/3 chance of a recession starting in any year. They are cautiously optimistic.
    3) The Fed must stay accommodative. Any significant increase in interest rates has not been priced into the market.
    RMD final comment:
    1) as I have repeatedly emphasized, currencies are the big theme. Watch the US Dollar. If it breaks out to the upside A) commodities, including gold, will be hurt. B) Emerging markets will not do well. C) I’m not sure how that would affect our market. D) In the near-term it looks as if the Dollar may be breaking down rather than up. This will be discussed in more detail in the weekend newsletter.
    2) Avoid Europe. Avoid Mexico: they are in Trump’s sights (see below).
    3) Interest rates will eventually break to the upside, and this will hurt the market.
    4) Watch the VIX (Volatility Index). Last week it touched a multi-year low under 11. The long-term average is 19. If it stays below 15, we should be OK. 
    5) This will be the most business-friendly administration since Calvin Coolidge (that is a long time). Consider how well US business can do if 75% of regulations are wiped away (see below). One business owner noted he had more employees making sure he complied with regulations than producing his product. Even if taxes are not lowered, simplification will pay similar dividends.
    The deciding factor in my voting for Trump was the Supreme Court nominee(s). I like a lot of what he is doing, but going out of his way to bash Mexico makes no sense. Parts of central Mexico are almost lawless, with thousands of murders every year. My greatest fear is this lawlessness could spill over the border. Many of the Mexican drug lords have a home just inside the US where they park their wife and children for safe-keeping. There is already much more drug-related violence in these border areas of the US than gets into the national media.
    I asked someone who has a national presence in the banking industry what they thought of the new administration. 1) He received a questionnaire from the Trump people and agreed or strongly agreed with 95% of their proposals. 2) His organization wrote a multi-page report on how regulations can be streamlined. The administration and Congress are taking this seriously.
    I was recently in Las Vegas.
    RMD: “Where are you from originally?
    Taxi driver: “Afghanistan”.
    RMD: What are the predominant languages spoken there”?
    TD: Pashto and Dari.
    RMD: Is Dari similar to Farsi (modern Persian, spoken in Iran)?
    TD: Yes, they are dialects. People can understand each other.
    RMD: Kind of like someone from Brooklyn and Alabama.
    TD: (laughing): I never thought of it like that, but yes.

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