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Issue #440, October 20, 2016


By Robert M. Doroghazi, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Outlook for 2016: Part II of II

Issue #398, December 28, 2015

I believe your principle goal for 2016 should be capital preservation.
Real Estate
    The industry says a small rise in interest rates won’t hurt residential real estate. I believe that people have become so accustomed to these abnormally low rates, that any rise will affect home sales and prices. That said, it is quite possible that rates will stay lower for longer than people think.
    General advice: 1) A home is not an investment, it is a place to live, a depreciating asset. 2) Have a 20% down payment that you have saved (because you avoid PMI, Private Mortgage Insurance, see below). 3) The average American family owns 3 homes in their lifetime, so start small and move up (see below).
    Multi-family rentals: 360K rentals were built in 2014, more than in 2 decades, so over-supply could become an issue.
    Commercial real estate: every deal must be evaluated on its own (see below).
    REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts): They could profit from a change in laws allowing easier foreign ownership, but could be hurt by rising interest rates.
    Recreational land, second home: I can’t believe that prices will be strong. At least at the Lake of the Ozarks, prices have not returned to their pre-2008 levels. If the economy slows, prices will weaken.
    Farm land: with grain prices soft, the agricultural economy is hurting. Farm land prices are dropping. The implement makers aren’t “moving steel”. I think 2016 will be too early to get back into this sector.
The Stock Market
    At the Barron’s Art of Successful Investing Conference in October, 2014, Felix Zulauf thought that 2015 would be fine but there would be problems in 2016. At the Conference in October, Zulauf thought the market would rally into the end of the year or into early 2016, then turn significantly lower.
    Lowry’s, who I believe are the best technical forecasters around, in business since the 1930s, feel the market has topped or will soon, and then turn down. They note the internals of the market continue to weaken, and that more and more stocks are dropping into their own individual bear market. Whether or not the large averages make a nominal new high in the weeks ahead, I believe that by this time next year there is significantly more downside risk then upside reward.
    Say you are retired and have an investment portfolio of $2M, and your living expenses are $120K per year (6% of your portfolio). If you have a relatively standard asset mix of 60% stocks, 25% bonds and 15% real estate, you are receiving about 3% in dividends = $60K per year. In most years, the stocks and real estate will appreciate enough so that you will have a larger portfolio by the end of the year. If we are entering a bear market, your portfolio will be down by this time next year.
    It is standard advice to have 3 years of living expenses in cash and cash equivalents (money market, CDs), so that when bear markets come along you don’t have to sell at depressed prices to generate living expenses. Considering that the market is up about 170% from the lows of 2009, you could take some profits now to be sure you had living expenses covered.
    Summary for 2016:
    1) Currencies will continue to be the big story.
    2) If the US Dollar breaks to new highs, commodities, commodity producers, and emerging markets and the precious metals will feel the pain.
    3) Likewise, when commodities finally bottom and turn up, it won’t be subtle. There will be some important news, like the Fed announcing QE 4, to cause the dollar to dive. Commodities will be up big on multiple days on big volume.
    4) The Fed raised interest rates, but rates may stay low for longer than many think.
    5) I believe the major risk in the stock market is to the downside.
    I believe that Private Mortgage Insurance is a hustle. The best option is to have a 20% (or more) down payment so it isn’t required. If you don’t, the options are PMI, or a slightly higher interest rate. Choose the latter. 1) The bank determines when you can drop PMI, and they won’t let you out easily. 2) You receive absolutely nothing in return for the cost of PMI, its money down the drain. 3) At least the money spent on the slightly higher interest rate is tax deductible. 
    I note in The Physician’s Guide to Investing that a near slam-dunk real estate investment is to keep your first home as a rental. This presumes you have a solid down payment for your next home, and you will remain in the area.
    1) No one knows the home better than you.
    2) You save the 6% real estate commission, plus other fees and expenses that total another 1-2%.
    3) A very important and overlooked point: You can keep the original note. The most favorable terms on a mortgage are for an owner-occupied home. If you go out to buy a home as an investment, you need a larger down payment, the terms are not as favorable, and long-term financing is difficult to obtain.
    I was talking to a local real estate agent about commercial real estate, and asked about the current capitalization rate (return). He said he saw a warehouse in the Denver area advertised with a 12% cap rate.
    RMD: There’s got to be something illegal. Is it a storefront for the Mob?
    Agent: Close. It is a warehouse for legal marijuana. 
    OPEC says oil will return to $95 per barrel in—2040.
    RMD comment: When a corporate CEO goes out of their way to say things are OK, you know they aren’t (think Lehman Brothers). Since oil is such an important commodity, it will have a general relationship to business activity. Ex: if it takes 25 years for oil to triple, does that mean it will take 25 years for the DJIA to triple? That means the DJIA would be up less than 5% per year through 2040. Bottom line: oil will be back to $95 a barrel sooner than 2040. If not, we’re in trouble.
    In the current Forbes (12/28/15), Steve Forbes suggests a return to the gold standard.
    RMD comment: Until recently, Forbes dissed gold. For some time I have considered a newsletter on the gold standard, but could never pull the trigger. Forbes’ discussion is excellent, and encourages me to discuss the subject in a future letter.
    In the meantime, what better way to start off the New Year than the next newsletter being about con men.     

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