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By Robert M. Doroghazi, M.D., F.A.C.C.

My Outlook for 2018: Part Ii: Precious Metals

Issue #501A, December 21, 2017

    As noted in last weekend’s newsletter: 1) stocks and commodities alternate bull and bear markets that average about 13-17 years. 2) Compared to stocks, commodities are as cheap as they were in 1971, and cheaper than the last bottom in the late 90s. 3) It’s time to buy commodities.
    A little history. Gold bottomed in 2001 at $255 per ounce and peaked at $1,900 in 2011. Silver peaked earlier that year at $50 per ounce, almost to the penny the high when the Hunt brothers tried to corner the market in early 1980. The precious metals then backed off, and suffered a Hiroshima-like smack-down in April, 2013.
    I believe a new bull market in the precious metals started when gold bottomed at $1,050 in December, 2015.  Gold shot straight up to peak at $1,370 in May, 2016. This year, gold has bounced around from $1,200 to $1,320, and currently stands at about $1,265. The latest COT report (Commitment of Traders, see below) suggests the current correction could be ending soon.
    An important metric to compare gold to stocks is the DJIA/gold ratio: how many ounces of gold it takes to buy the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The average for the 20th century was about 10. The highs were about 22 in 1929, 30 in the mid-60s, and 37 at the peak of the bubble in 1999/2000. At these times, stocks were very dear, and gold was cheap. The low was 1 in 1980, and just above 1 at the stock market low in 1932: gold was very dear, stocks very cheap. At gold’s peak in 2011, the ratio was 6: low, but nowhere near the historical extremes. The current ratio is 21.25: stocks are dear, but again not to historical extremes.
        Note: Since 2000, gold has far out-performed the stock market. The DJIA rose from about 11K+ to the current 27K, about 2.5x, while gold, even with the weakness of the last 6 years, is up about 5x ($255 to $1,300). Even adding in the meager dividends, gold has still far out-performed stocks since 2000.
    Compare gold to silver. When the US was on a bi-metal standard (gold and silver were both in circulation), the ratio was 16:1. Since the demonetization of silver, silver has lost relative value, and the ratio has averaged about 50 to 1. In precious metals bear markets, silver under-performs, and the ratio is high. In precious metals bull markets, silver out-performs and the ratio falls. Peaks were 30 in 2011 and 16 in the Hunt brother’s debacle of 1980.  It is currently 78: silver is cheap compared to gold.
    Of course, everything depends on the US dollar. Over the last 2-3 months, the dollar strengthened and gold was weak. But the Dollar Index stalled at 94, and has fallen back to about 93.4. If the Dollar Index falls below support at 92.5, gold will rocket higher.
    I recommend:
    1) an asset allocation of at least 5% to the precious metals, with the core position being physical gold in your personal possession (in a safe deposit box at the bank). I recommend 1 oz. US Gold Eagles (see below). Physical gold is not an investment: it pays no dividend. This is your insurance should stuff happen.
    2) The current correction will be over when gold breaks $1,370, the high of 2016. I’ll have much more to say, with further recommendations, at that time.     
    In the futures market there is a long and a short for every open position. The COT report counts the large speculators, who traditionally take the long side, and the commercials, who are traditionally short. The miners (commercials) use futures to conduct their business, to bring their product to market. Say they sell gold short at $1,300. If the price drops to $1,200, they cover the short for a $100 profit and keep their gold. If gold rises to $1,400, they just deliver the physical gold to fulfill the contract. Whether gold goes up or down, they can’t lose.
    At major turning points, the “smart money” is always right, that’s why they’re the smart money. In the last few weeks, the commercials have exited many of their short positions, with levels now typical of market bottoms. The correction may be ending soon.
    If you wish to buy physical gold or silver, I suggest Stephen Davidson at Blanchard & Co. (1-888-830-2646. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ). Note: Stephen and Blanchard advertise on my website, but I receive no further commission or compensation. I make this recommendation because Blanchard has been in business for decades, Stephen has given me good service for almost 15 years, and no one I have recommended to him has complained to me.   

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